Our process is to meet with you, define clearly stated objectives for your event and develop an understanding how the event fits into your overall corporate organizational strategy.

From here,

we confirm details of the demographics of the attendees, preferences, history and expectations. We consider all of the required elements—goals, key messages and program content, sponsor recognition, protocol, politics, logistics and infrastructure, budget and timing.


The art of the possible

We do not suggest approaches, ideas/themes or crazy schemes until we know they are doable. We know that the best ideas are not necessarily the most expensive. We are unbelievably resourceful and have excellent relationships with our partners who are always excited to work with us to do something first, better, faster, more interesting, more memorable.


We are huge fans of subtlety and elegance and believe that the most effective approaches may be the understated ones.

Our goal is to support you

by working behind the scenes to manage all aspects of the details, allowing you to focus on the priorities of corporate profile, program content development, and stakeholder leadership. We seek out relationships where mutual respect and accountability are paramount.


We like to have fun

and we recognize that it is critical that clients and volunteers have fun and feel that the experience of working with us was rewarding, both personally and professionally.


Our commitment is to source the best and most appropriate suppliers and to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best value.