We are celebrating more than 25 years in business.
We are the official event services supplier to both federal and provincial governments

Lynn Buckley

Staging a winning event is about meeting clearly defined objectives.

Running a successful event business is about gathering a team of enthusiastic, open minded, skilled and creative people who are willing to push every limit to not only meet the objectives, but work with clients to exceed them.

In 25 years in this business, I have talked more people into doing new and different things than I could have ever dreamed of. Every day, I get to sell an idea, move a mountain to make it happen and convince clients, suppliers and my own team that it is doable. Of course, I count on my specialists here to ensure that every T is crossed . . . but that is why we make such a great team.

I wake up every day, excited about what is in store . . . on the edge of my seat to get to go play at the office. Now, if I can just convince my teenagers to take over the business some day . . . . They tell me they don’t want to work this hard!!