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Alison Corey

I'm Addicted to "To Do" Lists!

  • Make a “To Do” list for the day
  • Notice I made one last night
  • Make new list combining both lists
  • Make another list based on best order to do tasks
  • Do some of the tasks
  • Cross items off list
  • Decide crossed off list is now too messy
  • Make neater list
  • At day’s end – make list for tomorrow
  • Go to bed – turn off light
  • Remember another “to do” item
  • Turn on light – add to list
  • Next day – repeat above

I am a chronic To-Do’er — and if you aren’t familiar, that’s someone who can’t sleep, eat, or do anything really, without a trusty to-do list at their side. I go all in. I give it my all and am not satisfied until I have perfected the task at hand.

In my role at Agenda, I connect with every attendee at every event. Whether I am processing their registration, arranging their special meal or reminding them to bring a jacket, by the time I am done with them, I know they are prepared to have the best possible event experience. And really, if I happen to mention the joy of a post event trip to Cape Breton, aren’t I just providing a value added service?

This is the ideal job for me. Where else can I combine my obsession for detail management with my desire to help people every day!